• How does the navigation work ?
    Navigation on the right
    on the right, there a pannel showing the movies released this month in the USA and in France. Click on the movie title to go on its page where you can find all the informations about that movie.
    under this panel, there is a random movie poster which changes each time you open a new page.

    Navigation at the bottom
    at the bottom of the page, there are two colonns. The one on the left displays what is on our database, the number of : movies, reviews, characters and trailers that you can find on the whole site.
    on the right colonn, you can see our partners and sites of references.

    Navigation at the top
    The horizontal menu bar at the top contains :
    Home : back to the main page. In the middle of the home page you have the news section and at the bottom the poll section.

    Studios : gives you the list of all the Studios, then clicking on a name you will see the manager(s), the movies, the historic of those studios and also the year they were created in.
    Movies : you will find here all the movies listed on this site. You can order them by dates of release (in the USA or in the original country or in France), by names (english, french or original). The movies are indicated by their english titles and then their original one between parentheses.
    Partners : the whole list of our partners, the ones who are also displayed on the bottom of each pages.
    Help : you are right here ! ^^
    Research : enter the title of the movie or the studio you are looking for. If you do not find what you want, try again with other simplier keywords.

    Navigation on the left
    When you have selected a movie (by research or by the studios page or by the list of all the movies), a page with lots of informations opens.
    But you can find other informations :
    - reviews
    - screenshots
    - characters
    - soundtrack
    - DVD
    - links
    Those links are displayed on a navigation frame on the left.

  • I am looking for a movie but it is impossible to find it, and it nor a Disney nor a Pixar !
    At the end of the page Movies and the page of Reseach, the question "You can't find the movie you are looking for ? Tell us !" is asked. Click on the link to access to a form where you will be able to enter the main informations about that movie. Then we will add that movie on our database.

  • Send us screenshots
    You own the DVD of a movie and you can send us screenshots ? So go on the page of that movie.
    Then go on the 'screenshots' section (navigation pannel on the left). If we do not have screengrabs of this movie, or less than 15, a form is displayed.
    Indicate to us your email address and we will contact you to tell you how we will proceed.

  • You know other sites about a movie ?
    You have noticed a website (maybe yours ^^) dedicated to a movie and that would be great if it was indicated on the site ! You just have to fill the link form.
    Go on the related movie page and get on the 'links' section (navigation pannel on the left).
    The question 'you know a website about this movie ?' is asked. Click and fill the two fields !

  • Be a partner ?
    You have a site about cinema (animation or not) and you want to make a link exchange ? No problem ! A form is available on the partners page.
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  • Characters : 234
  • Images : 1944
  • Trailers : 39
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