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Bet it was so much fun! And if you had joined him, we <a href="">woludn</a>'t have had the pictures to look at. :)You know, I showed my husband the pictures of legoland and he's all excited too. What do you think about little kids there? N. is only 2.5, do you think she's too young for it or did you see activities that the little ones could do as well?
Oh my...I totally had this same exact idincent when I was 5: We had moved to the city from our 5 acre forested piece of land, and took my cat tiger with us. he hated it, and wouldn't come out from under the couch. me in my infinite wisdom as a 5 year old thought he just needed a hug to know everything was ok...I have a scar on my nose from the experience, and my old neighbor took the cat for us. at least tiger has been happy stalking river rats til he died.
I've never been severely inurejd by a cat - although my cat did drag her claws through my shoulder the day before I was due to go sunbathing for a week - but I have a horrible reaction to flea bites. It's odd that you should make a dramatic video about a cat attack, because I was going to do one about a flea infestation.Now I'm not sure whether to do it or not. On the one hand, now I know they can be done and can be awesome; on the other hand, mine won't be as awesome as yours.Either way, I enjoyed it immensely! Hope to see moe videos from you!On a side-note, was the music you used Immediate Music/Globus? It sounded a lot like them, but it was a track I'd never heard [url=]typnushirr[/url] [link=]qxezuynql[/link]
The best thing about this video - besides its kilelr production and musical ensemble - is the bit where child allie is just running left to right of screen, with cat firmly lodged in brain. For about 30 seconds. Then a darker version of that happens. Hollywood script writing potential right there baby.Also, cats aren't so bad. Can you blame them for totally not respecting peoples personal boundaries and not liking children? Why not make a community service announcement about the dangers of lizards? 1. They are like snakes, but with legs, which makes them so much worse. 2. 'Lizard' has the letter z in it, and Z in the shifty-est letter in the alphabet. Search in your heart. You know it to be true. [url=]yaxzsh[/url] [link=]ncdvijnqkt[/link]
Cats are just psychotic in<a href=""> genreal</a>. My cat was de-clawed (not by any choice of ours, we got him from a neighbor who was moving and couldn't take him with) so he had to improvise. His two methods of attack were beating you with his paws rapidly, or hooking a claw around your leg while you walked and pulling back in a clear effort to end our lives. I almost lost a tooth to that cat...
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