About Snow White, the sequel

Studios : Rezo Films
Country : Belgium, UK

English Titre : Snow White, the sequel
Original Title : Blanche Neige, la suite

USA Release : , 00 0000
Original Release : January, 31 2007

Trailer : -
Rate :

Director(s) : Picha
Script Writer(s) :

Runtime : 01 h 15
Cost : millions
Gross : millions

Summary : What happens after the end of a Hollywood fairy tale? Do the good guys really get to live happily ever after? Not exactly! In Snow White, the sequel, sweet, innocent Snow White and her none too bright new husband Prince Charming discover that life in The Enchanted Kingdom is far from a fairy tale. Snow White gets embroiled in a series of life and virtue-threatening adventures that make a mere jealous Queen with a poisoned apple seem like the good old days. Meanwhile the Prince finds out that his kingdom is crawling with other princesses in distress and that it's his solemn duty to rescue, marry and live happily ever after - with all of them I None of the princesses are too happy with this state of affairs and pretty soon the Prince is in it up to his neck. Plus he's lost his Snow White I Where will it all end? Will Snow White's innocence triumph over several fates worse than death or will she ... succumb? Will His Highness extricate himself from the hideous mess he's in? Will the two lovers ever reunite and get on with that happily-ever-after stuff ?


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