About Cid : the legend - el

Studios :
Country : Spain

English Titre : Cid : the legend - el
Original Title : Cid, la leyenda - el

USA Release : , 00 0000
Original Release : December, 19 2003

Trailer : -
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Director(s) : Jose Pozo
Script Writer(s) : Jose Pozo

Runtime : 01 h 30
Cost : millions
Gross : millions

Summary : A race of big-armed men in ancient Spain quarrel amongst themselves in their castle. A young, red haired lad covets the King's cousin, but is hampered in his advancements by her dwarven father. He would much prefer her to marry an evil count, as is the custom in dwarven society. The red haired lad, our hero, is run afoul by a heinous take for his life. His friend, the prince, bestows upon him a steed of great malignancy and foul temper. The hellish nightmare ride that followed by this treachery marks the beginning of a dive in his Wheel of Fortune, hitherto unseen in polite society. Soon he invokes the wrath of God, that strikes down nearby trees with thunder and lightning, and sends evil Arabs his way. He is forced to flee, and is joined after some years by a band of brigands that followed him. They are easily subdued by gifts of mustelines and pledge their cause to his. This is followed by a psychosomatic crusade against the surrounding castles. Will el Cid stand up against the fiendish lures of madness or will he arise victorious in this battle of reality ?


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