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Vanguard Animation is a film production and intellectual property development company primarily focused on the computer generated animation feature film segment. Vanguard is primarily a creative company: a producer of the kind of storytelling that can only be done in CG animation and targeted to the widest possible family audience.

Vanguard intends to create brands that have a continuing life in sequel films and are transferable across many businesses, including toys, video games and merchandising. Through a disciplined production approach and efficiently raised independent financing, Vanguard is able to keep costs significantly below the industry average while still delivering the high-quality animation and smart storytelling that audiences demand.

Vanguard features a team of creative, technical and management professionals with significant industry accomplishments. This team is headed by:

* John Williams, Chairman and CEO, who has produced numerous critically acclaimed and financially successful films. In addition to "Shrek" and "Shrek II," Mr. Williams has produced "The Tuxedo" with Jackie Chan and Jennifer Love Hewitt, as well as "Seven Years in Tibet," starring Brad Pitt, among other notable live-action and animated titles.

* Neil Braun, President and COO, who has held numerous senior positions within the media and entertainment industry and has significant experience in feature film financing. Mr. Braun's previous positions include President of the NBC Television Network, Chairman and CEO of Viacom Entertainment, President of Imagine Entertainment and Senior Vice President of HBO.

Space Chimps (Space Chimps)
Happily N'ever After (Happily N'ever After)
Valiant (Valiant)
Zabajaba Jungle (Zabajaba Jungle)
Pet Boy (Pet Boy)
Galaxy High (Galaxy High)
Ribbit (Ribbit)
Gentapet (Gentapet)
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