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Academy Award® winning Blue Sky Studios became a wholly owned unit of Fox Filmed Entertainment in 1997 (a subsidiary of News Corporation). The studio was founded ten years earlier with a mission to pioneer creatively superior photo-realistic, high-resolution, computer-generated character animation for the feature film, television and entertainment industries.

Throughout our history, we at Blue Sky Studios have maintained a single-minded focus on creating high quality imagery, while upholding the highest production standards. Not only do we boast some of the industry's most creative animation talent, its proprietary software, CGI Studio™, is considered the best renderer in the business.

CGI Studio is based on the concept of raytracing and simulates the way light behaves on objects and surfaces in a natural environment. The software incorporates an object-oriented graphics programming language rather than a closed menu-driven package. It also builds images through the use of the most advanced geometric models available, giving it a significant advantage over rendering systems built around polygons. Because of CGI Studio's capabilities, we’re famous for integrating live-action and computer-generated animation, composited during the final rendering stage into seamless first generation images...

Ice Age 2 : the MeltDown (Ice Age 2 : the MeltDown)
Robots (Robots)
Ice Age (Ice Age)
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